Friday, February 16, 2018

[How To] Download image from Google

Google has recently removed "View Image" button from its search results. But don't get disappointed, you still can download image from Google searches.

Step 1: Search what are you are looking for in Google, and switch to Images tab from All tab.

Step 2: Scroll google image search page until you find what you want.

Step 3: Click on the image you want to download and click on "Visit" button.

Step 4: Scroll the website which was opened, and look for your image. Now click on the image you found and you can either click on "Open Link in New Tab" option or "View Image" option.

Step 5: It will take you to a new tab with the image open. Simply click on "Save Image" option and you are done. [Note: You can also click on "Save Image" option in Step 4, but if the image is compressed on that webpage then you will download that compressed image, so it is advisable to click on View Image and then do a Save Image from a new tab.]

Downloaded image:

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