Saturday, September 18, 2021

Unable to revert mtime: /Library/Fonts [Solved]

I was working on a python3 script on my macOS, and I came across this error:

% python3

Unable to revert mtime: /Library/Fonts

I got it solved by installing libmagic:

% brew install libmagic

Friday, September 17, 2021

NTRU in python3

  • NTRU – Nth Degree Truncated Polynomial Ring Units (or R = Z[X] / ( X^N-1 ))
  • NTRU is the first public-key cryptosystem not based on factorization or discrete logarithmic problems.
  • NTRU is a lattice-based alternative to RSA and ECC and is based on the shortest vector problem in a lattice.
  • NTRU is an open-source public-key cryptosystem that uses lattice-based cryptography to encrypt and decrypt data.
  • It consists of two algorithms: NTRUEncrypt, which is used for encryption, and NTRUSign, which is used for digital signatures.
  • Unlike other popular public-key cryptosystems, it is resistant to attacks using Shor's algorithm.
  • NTRUEncrypt was patented, but it was placed in the public domain in 2017. NTRUSign is patented, but it can be used by software under the GPL.

Example in Python3:

% python3 --version

Python 3.9.1

% pip3 install --user sympy

% pip3 install --user numpy

% pip3 install --user docopt