Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FileHippo App Manager

Are you looking for a software using which you can scan your PC for all installed softwares and updates available for them? Then FileHippo App Manager is a recommended solution. It was earlier known as FileHippo Update Checker. It is handy for updating most popular softwares and they have a built in downloader and installer so you don't need to open each webpage to download the softwares. It will download automatically when clicking on Download button. Installation process will begin immediately once download is complete.

Step 1: Download FileHippo App Manager from http://filehippo.com/download_app_manager/ and install. After installing run the software and click on SCAN button to start scanning your PC for updates.

Step 2: FileHippo App Manager shows results. A list of softwares for whom update is available is displayed. Click on Download & Run to download the latest setup and install it.

Step 3: Downloading started.

Step 4: Download complete.

Step 5: It shows that the selected update was downloaded and installed.

Step 6: Click on Installed Program tab to view all installed programs details. Note that FileHippo App Manager will not show updates for all (system softwares) of the installed programs.

Step 7: You can view the ignored updates as well.

Step 8: Click on settings button to change the configurations.

Step 9: I have changed here user interface to dark mode.

Step 10: You can change where the downloaded filed will be stored from custom locations tab.

Step 11: Modify proxy settings from connection tab.

Step 12: You can also change background scanning options.

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