Monday, June 01, 2015

Steganography using StegoMagic

It is a method of hiding data into other files. The most common practice is to hide some text information in pictures or audios. The reason behind this is such files like an image is made up of many bits, thus changing a few of them won't make any significant impact to human eye or human experience.

It is a software developed by 4 Indian programmers and is available freely. It uses a DES encrypted password to protect the data.
Visit to download StegoMagic.

How to use?
Here I have demonstrated how to hide a text file into image file. Follow the below guide with screenshots for details.

Original Image:

Step 1: Begin with encryption.

Step 2: Select image to process.

Step 3: Select data to hide.

Step 4: Data is hidden. Save the key.

Step 5: Start decoding and select the file to decode.

Step 6: Enter the password (decryption key).

Step 7: Output is saved in MM_SecretMessage.txt file.

Text file which was hidden:

Password (encryption/decryption key):

Information retrieved from image:

Altered Image:

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