Sunday, June 14, 2015

30 Must have softwares for Kali Linux

Kali Linux is successor of BackTrack operating system that is developed by Offensive Security. Kali Linux comes as a full fledged o.s. for penetration testing. It has softwares preinstalled like Wireshark, Kismet, Metasploit framework, Aircrack ng, John the ripper and many many more tools for password cracking, data recovery, digital forensics and penetration testing by performing various attacks on websites and wired and wireless networks. But if you want to use Kali Linux as a your only o.s. for all your daily work then there are some softwares that you need to install. This softwares includes alternatives to Windows softwares in linux like Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Notepad, Outlook Express, uTorrent, Windows Media Player, Winzip etc.

The list for 30 must have softwares for kali linux is as following:
01. AutoKey
02. Chrome
03. ClamTk
04. Clementine
05. CrashPlan
06. Deluge
07. digiKam
08. Dropbox
09. Geany
10. GIMP
11. GNOMe Do
12. GParted
13. Kate
14. Libre Office
15. LuckyBackup
16. PeaZip
17. Pidgin
18. Plex
19. Shotwell
20. Shutter
21. Skype
22. SMPlayer
23. Spotify
24. Synapse
25. Synaptic Package Manager
26. Terminator
27. Thunderbird
28. VirtualBox
29. VLC
30. Wine

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