Friday, June 05, 2015

Inverse Finder v2.0

This is a tiny calculator specially designed to calculate the inverse of a given number in a given modulo. Inverse are widely used in Finite field (Galois field) calculations and cryptography while using Public Key Infrastructure. So overall it is a must have for mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists. Download links and screenshots are as followed.

Step 1: Run InverseFinder.exe. No need to install it. It will open a window like this.

Step 2: Enter values for Number whose inverse you need to find and the Modulo.

Step 3: Click on Calculate button and it will display Modulus and Inverse values of the given inputs. Click on Clear All button to clear all values.

Step 4: If inverse is not possible it will still give you modulus.

Step 5: A message will be displayed and the value will be blank if inverse does not exist.

Step 6: Just another example.

Download links:


License: Freeware
Size: 10.5 KB - exe, 4.43 KB - zip

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